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Green plant juice and enzymes in lemon-flavored chewable tablets.

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Category: Aojiru
Weight with packaging: 125 g
Dimensions: 3 × 12 × 18 cm
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Aojiru – “green juice” from the shoots of young barley. It is unique in its properties and multifunctional action. It contains a high content of vitamins, microelements and fiber necessary for the body.

AOJIRU KOUSO tablets contain 5 kinds of green plants, 8 kinds of vitamins, extract of 80 kinds of useful wild plants of Japan. One tablet contains everything that the body needs for full function.

This preparation saturates the body with vitamins and energy. The basis of all aojiru juices is the juice of barley leaves. This is a unique natural product rich in vitamins and minerals. Savoy cabbage juice contains ascorbigen, which blocks the development of cancerous tumors and prevents them from growing. Mulberry leaf juice is useful for those who have problems with the cardiovascular system. It lowers blood pressure, improves metabolism and has a blood purifying effect.

A unique feature of this preparation is the presence of enzymes (enzymes). These are substances that break down large particles into components. During life, the body actively wastes enzymes, which produces itself. It needs support in the form of additional enzymes, which will provide AOJIRU KOUSO TABLET.

This preparation is recommended for those who do not like the taste of vegetable juices or the need to prepare a drink.

The tablet pleasantly crumbles in the mouth when chewed, reminiscent of the well-known ascorbic acid. Lemon flavor tablets will appeal to both adults and children.

Ingredients: young barley leaves, Savoy cabbage, Angelica, Mulberry, Momordica, non-digestible dextrin, vitamins B1, B2, B6. B12, folic acid, niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), extract of 80 species of beneficial wild plants.


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