Delivery & Payment

We have tried to make our store as simple and intuitive as possible for customers. The store uses the same standards and methods as other stores. Therefore, if you have already made purchases in online stores before, you should not have any difficulties with shopping and placing orders.

  • Go to the site, select the sections you need, or use the search.
  • Select the products you need.
  • Put the required items into your cart.

It will be available in the shopping cart and on the checkout page:

  • The total value of the selected items.
  • Total weight of goods.
  • Selection of payment methods.
  • Selection of delivery methods.
  • Shipping cost depending on the selected shipping method, weight and destination.

After you fill in all the fields on the checkout page, be sure to click the “Create Account” checkbox, then the next time you want to buy something in the store, you will not need to fill in all the fields again!

And of course, in your account on the site will be available all the orders that you created earlier.

We accept for payment:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express.
    Bank cards are processed by PayPal or Stripe payment systems.
  • A large order can be paid by international bank transfer, but you should realize that your bank will take the equivalent of about 50 USD for the amount up to 10000 USD when processing the payment… (depends on the bank)

When paying with bank cards you can not fear for the safety of the transaction, because the processing of cards is on the side of the payment system. We do not have access to payment card data.

Shipping MethodsWe trust the delivery to the reliable Japan Post.

More information about shipping methods:

  • You can see the preliminary shipping cost in the shopping cart, after the necessary items are added there. In the cart there is a calculator of delivery prices to different countries and regions, as well as for different delivery methods, and weight of goods. You will have the opportunity to choose a favorable method of delivery directly in the shopping cart.
  • The final weight of the goods in the parcel becomes known only after the parcel is formed and weighed at the post office. And may differ slightly from the original weight of the goods. Calculator for delivery weight of goods in cart – preliminary!
  • Responsibility for damage, breakage, or loss of goods during transportation lies with the postal service. We strongly urge you to carefully inspect the goods for damage and discrepancies in presence when receiving them from the courier or at the post office. In case of any such findings, demand the postal service to prepare an official report of established format. After the report is prepared, reach out to us to obtain compensation from the postal service.
  • The calculation of the delivery cost is performed automatically in the shopping cart and on the checkout page.
  • Before you finalize your order, you’ll be able to view the cost of all delivery options.
  • When shipping to certain countries, you may be required to pay customs duties, additional taxes, and other fees that were not included in the product’s cost (please verify the customs clearance rules for parcels in the receiving country).

Having the order number(Tracking Number), you can track the movement of the parcel to you

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