I bought a course of dietary supplements “Collagen and Glucosamine”, the specifics of the work received serious back ailments, doctors were inclined to surgery, drank the course and very significantly noticeable from easy, gone pain constant, improved health, communication, stamina, the need for surgical intervention is no longer necessary, “Japan – heals”


Toothpaste! We fell in love with the toothpaste. It’s soft, tasty, yet whitening and definitely natural. I can’t use the toothpastes sold in our supermarkets at all, they are so “spicy”, “tart”-fuuuuuu)))


Hair mask is something fantastic, the smell is not sharp gentle, hair as after the most expensive salon, the feeling of an expensive woman.


I liked and surprised that you can get advice in the store, and buy Bads in the composition of which will not be animal extracts, but only marine, immediately bought a course that increases the immune system, took just in case of powders for colds, I do not remember which of my friends praised strongly, because the composition of no antibiotics, only herbs.


I was buying my mom some herbs to improve her eyesight, she told me that she always watches TV with glasses, but when the course came to the end of taking them, she was watching TV and noticed that she forgot to put on her glasses, because there was no need for them, the picture of the screen was not blurred and it was so comfortable that she did not even notice that she forgot to put on her glasses, i.e. the effect of the medication was going on


I had conjunctivitis, I had already dripped with different drops, and after pumping once with Japanese drops, by the evening the inflammation had already subsided, and the next day it was gone. I was grateful and ordered more of them in the next shipment.

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