Dr. Scholl MediQtto compression tights

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SKU: ZM344407
Brand: Dr Scholl
Category: Uncategorized
Weight with packaging: 150 g
Dimensions: 4 × 15 × 30 cm

Dr. Scholl MediQtto compression tights help with fatigue, swelling, heaviness and pain in the legs. At the same time, they are very comfortable and beautiful. Daytime tights make you feel better when walking in heels or vice versa, when sitting at the computer or standing. When choosing a particular product should be guided by the rule: the stronger the swelling, pain and fatigue in the legs, the higher should be the level of compression in the knitwear. Compression knitwear creates pressure that is distributed over the leg, preventing blood from stagnating in the veins and stimulating blood and lymph circulation in the legs. It restores normal blood circulation and lymph flow, prevents or relieves swelling, relieves pain, heaviness and fatigue in the legs.

This model of tights creates pressure on the ankles – 21 hPa, on the calves – 16 hPa, on the thighs – 11 hPa. There is a special warming layer in the sock and abdomen area, which does not allow heat to escape through the fabric of the tights, but at the same time the skin breathes.

MediQtto compression knitwear is certified by the Ministry of Health of Japan and belongs to the class of pharmaceutical products.


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