Roihi Cream ferbi

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An analgesic with anti-inflammatory effects.

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SKU: ZM199791
Category: Therapeutic ointments
Weight with packaging: 200 g
Dimensions: 3 × 5 × 8 cm
Weight of goods

Roihi Cream ferbi will help to get rid of severe joint pain and muscle tension. A remedy for those who work a lot of time at the computer and lead a sedentary lifestyle. Headache, neck and shoulder muscle tension – their eternal companions. To solve these problems there is Roihi Cream ferbi. The cream is also effective for myalgia, bruises and sprains. The active ingredient is felbinak 3% – a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. The cream contains menthol 3%, thanks to which it has a pleasant cooling effect.

The tube is equipped with three metal balls made of stainless steel for convenient and even application of the product. In addition, the balls massage the damaged area during application.

How to use: apply to the injured areas 2-4 times a day.


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