Spirulina for the whole family Algae SPIMATE Spirulina

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Spirulina for children and adults with vitamin C.

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SKU: ZM379082-1
Brand: Algae
Category: Spirulina
Weight with packaging: 750 g
Dimensions: 5 × 10 × 20 cm

Spirulina for the whole family Algae SPIMATE Spirulina is specially formulated for children as it is essential for growing bodies. Spirulina contains complete protein, which is easily digested. The product is a powerful antioxidant and perfectly strengthens children’s immune system. The biological value of algae is a complete and easy absorption of all vitamins by the body. Daily intake of spirulina – an excellent prophylaxis against unfavorable environmental influences. Sour milk bacteria contribute to the normalization of intestinal function and strengthen immunity. Complex contains beta-carotene and vitamin C to strengthen the immune system. Algae contains gamma-linolenic acid, the source of which is only mother’s milk. The complex is enriched with omega-3 and omega-6, necessary for normal brain function. The preparation also contains iron with high bioavailability to increase hemoglobin, and zinc, necessary for the construction of the bone system.

How to use: for adults – 20 tablets per day, for children weighing 30 kg – 10 tablets per day, for children weighing 15 kg – 5 tablets. Take before or during meals.


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