Phiten X100 Titanium Bracelet (black, brown, 40 cm)

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Material: Clasp – titanium, strap – artificial leather.

How to use: Wear the bracelet during and after intense physical or nervous exercise. You can use the bracelet around the clock. Listen carefully to your sensations when wearing – so you can find the most optimal time for its use.

Пожалуйста обратите внимание!

Стоимость доставки товаров можно узнать в корзине, в правой колонке. Добавьте необходимые товары в корзину, и перейдите в неё!

Внешний вид товара может отличаться от фотографии на сайте. Уточняйте перед покупкой!

SKU: ZM476573
Brand: Phiten
Category: Magnetic Necklaces
Weight with packaging: 100 g
Dimensions: 10 × 10 × 4 cm
Weight of goods

The bracelet relieves tension and pain in the muscles, ligaments and joints of the hand. They become more elastic and less prone to sprains. The bracelet improves blood supply, tissue respiration and nutrition in the muscles of the hand, forearm and shoulder area, relieving pain.

Inside the bracelet titanium balls, and the outer coating is impregnated with a colloidal solution of titanium (aquatitanium). Titanium serves as a source of magnetic fields that have a beneficial effect on the body. They affect the iron in the blood hemoglobin, which accelerates blood circulation. In this way you can recover faster after physical exertion and stress.

Magnetic field can stimulate the natural electrical currents of the central and peripheral nervous system. This helps with nervous tension and stress, and improves intellectual ability.

The necklace is contraindicated for use by persons with pacemakers, insulin pumps and other electrical implants, persons with cardiovascular diseases, diabetics, epileptics, pregnant and nursing mothers!

If while using the bracelet you have unreasonable pain sensations, you should stop using it.

Do not allow contact with magnetic devices and sources of information (flash drives, disks, credit cards, etc.) – they can be spoiled!

Includes two faux leather straps: black and brown.


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