Blueberries for eye health DHC

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SKU: ZM107513
Brand: DHC
Category: To improve your eyesight
Weight with packaging: 50 g
Dimensions: 2 × 10 × 15 cm

DHC blueberries are absorbed into the bloodstream 3 times faster than similar preparations. Blueberries are high in anthocyanins, antioxidants that protect the eyes from ultraviolet light and reduce the fragility of eye blood vessels and intraocular pressure. Relieves fatigue, redness, eye irritation and pain. Gardenia extract actively reduces intraocular pressure. B vitamins provide the retina with the necessary nutrition and energy. Carotene, lycopene and lutein protect the eyes from ultraviolet light, aggressive light, free radicals, bacterial infections, intoxication and aging. Carotene strengthens the nervous system and protects the neurons responsible for transmitting visual signals. Lutein prevents glaucoma. Lycopene prevents the deposition of fat in the eye capillaries.

Ingredients: powdered extract of blueberries – 180 mg, of which anthocyanins – 36%, powdered açai extract – 10 mg, powdered gardenia extract – 6.7 mg, of which crocetin – 5 mg, lutein – 1 mg, lycopene – 0.1 mg, vitamin B1 – 2mg, vitamin B2 – 0.4 mg, vitamin B6 – 2 mg, vitamin B12 – 40 mcg, β-carotene – 0.9 mg, vegetable oil with medium chain fatty acids, esters of glycerol and fatty acids, flavorings, gelatin, glycerol (soy).

Directions for use: 1 tablet 2 times a day before or during meals.


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