Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Vegetable Compound Food

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SKU: ZM750468
Brand: Kobayashi
Category: Dietary and Nutritional Supplements
Weight with packaging: 100 g
Dimensions: 4 × 10 × 15 cm

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Vegetable Compound Food contains a blend of 18 types of vegetables. It contains a full range of minerals, vitamins and acids that the body needs on a daily basis. An ideal addition to the daily diet. Taking the complex is relevant in case of unbalanced meager diet. Normalizes digestion and metabolism. Has a positive effect on all organs and functions. Complex will fill with energy and strength.

Method of application: 5 tablets a day.

Ingredients: Carrots 300.0 mg, Onions 196.5 mg, Pumpkin 196.5 mg, Soy peptide 175.0 mg, Cabbage 154.0 mg, Curcuma 70.2 mg, Tomatoes 70.2 mg, Garlic 70.2 mg, Yam 56.5 mg, Jute 56.5 mg, Young barley leaves 56.5 mg, Fodder cabbage 27,5 mg, Spinach 27.5 mg, Broccoli 27.5 mg, Red cabbage 27.5 mg, Parsley 14.0 mg, Ginger 14.0 mg, Celery 11.0 mg, Maltose 157.0 mg, Glycerol fatty acid ester 26.5 mg, Silicon oxide 16.0 mg.


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