Protein Active Protein 100

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Protein with vitamins and minerals.

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SKU: ZM505550
Category: For the musculoskeletal system
Weight with packaging: 400 g
Dimensions: 4 × 10 × 17 cm
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High-quality protein from soybeans with a protein content of over 80% and reduced fat content. A source of essential amino acids, the most important building blocks of all proteins for cell renewal and repair. Necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system and for the formation of biologically active substances of great importance for the functioning of the nervous system (carnitine, taurine, GABA and DOPA). The balanced composition of amino acids presented in the product is necessary for the regeneration of brain cells, protection of nerve cells from the damaging effects of stress, lack of sleep and impaired blood supply to the brain. Amino acids regulate all basic nervous processes: excitation and inhibition, alertness and sleep, aggression and anxiety, emotions, behavior, memorization and reproduction of information, learning ability.

Additionally contains vitamins B1 and B2, iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals. Easily dissolved in water and does not have the characteristic flavor of soy.

How to use: daily 20 g (2 tablespoons) means diluted in water or milk.

Ingredients: arginine – 1.25 g, lysine – 1.02 g, histidine – 0.43 g, phenylalanine – 0.85 g, tyrosine – 0.62 g, leucine – 1.29 g, isoleucine – 0.75 g, methionine – 0.21 g, valine – 0.78 g, alanine – 0,69 g, glycine – 0.69 g, proline – 0.86 g, glutamic acid – 3.12 g, serine – 0.83 g, threonine – 0.64 g, asparagic acid – 1.90 g, tryptophan -.23 g, cystine – 0.21 g.


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