Pharmaceutical Easy Fiber

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Dietary fiber to improve digestion.

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SKU: ZM520068
Brand: Kobayashi
Category: For the gastrointestinal tract
Weight with packaging: 300 g
Dimensions: 3 × 12 × 15 cm
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Dietary fiber is a part of plant food that is not digested by the body, but plays a huge role in its vital functions. Fiber cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates its activity. Pharmaceutical Easy Fiber is recommended when there is a lack of plant food in the diet.

Each individual package contains 4.8 g of fiber. The powder is odorless and tasteless. Easily dissolved in food and drinks.

This composition is reinforced with amino acids and L-carnitine.

Directions for use: Mix 1-2 spoons with your favorite beverage (tea, coffee, juice, milk, water). Can be mixed with both warm and hot drinks.


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