Orihiro bamboo aojiru

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Green juice from bamboo leaves to cleanse and strengthen the body.

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SKU: ZM670551
Category: For the gastrointestinal tract
Weight with packaging: 50 g
Dimensions: 4 × 8 × 12 cm

A unique Orihiro drink made from bamboo leaves for general body strengthening. Aojiru from bamboo strengthens the immune system. It is useful in chronic respiratory diseases, eases the course of bronchial asthma and reduces the number of attacks. The drink increases efficiency and gives strength. Can destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses, as well as reduce the likelihood of allergies. Bamboo is excellent for strengthening hair and nails, and makes the skin healthier and fresher. Increases cognitive function and improves brain function. Regular consumption of bamboo leaf drink can rejuvenate the body. Prevents the development of cancer processes and cleanses the body of toxins, toxic compounds and free radicals. Cleanses the liver from toxins. A peculiarity of this aojiru is the ability to improve the functions of the reproductive system in women and normalize the menstrual cycle. The drink has a general tonic effect. Non-digestible dextrin improves digestion and normalizes stools.

How to use: 1 bag dilute in 100 g of water or any other beverage.

Ingredients: bamboo leaf extract, indigestible dextrin.


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