Orihiro Garlic and Black Vinegar Extract

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Garlic and black vinegar extract for immune support.

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SKU: ZM911457
Category: For immunity
Weight with packaging: 60 g
Dimensions: 3 × 8 × 15 cm

Orihiro Garlic and Black Vinegar Orihiro Garlic Extract to support youthfulness, vitality, energy and immunity. The main ingredients are concentrated odorless garlic extract and black vinegar. Promotes stamina and immunity. Recommended for daily use. Does not have a specific garlic odor. Black vinegar made from rice is a traditional health drink in Japan. It contains high concentrations of amino acids. It has anti-cancer properties. Garlic is a versatile product for treating diseases. It contains a huge amount of antioxidants. It can help the body to quickly relax our blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation. This is one of the first preventive properties in the fight against cardiovascular diseases. Garlic supports the protective immune system, activates the release of enzymes, improves digestion and assimilation of heavy protein and fatty foods. Normalizes the intestinal microflora.

Ingredients: garlic extract, sesame oil, black vinegar, gelatin, glycerin, caramel pigment, beeswax, ester of glycerin and fatty acid.

How to use: 3 tablets a day, before or during meals.


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