Collagen Amino Collagen Premium

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Amino – Meiji Collagen.

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SKU: ZM336219
Brand: Meiji
Category: Amino collagen
Weight with packaging: 250 g
Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 15 cm
Weight of goods

Collagen Amino Collagen Premium provides youthful skin and is responsible for the musculoskeletal system. It is a component of tendons, bones, cartilage, hair and nails. When collagen levels drop, the skin loses elasticity, becomes dehydrated and sagging, a situation that worsens after menopause. Coenzyme Q10 destroys free radicals and promotes a healthy metabolism. It should be supplemented artificially for people over the age of 30.

Directions for use: dissolve 7 grams of powder in any liquid.

Ingredients: fish collagen peptide – 5000 mg, coenzyme Q10 – 10 mg; vitamin C – 50 mg; rice germ extract (ceramide – 1200 mcg.; glucosamine – 60 mg; arginine – 450 mg; hyaluronic acid – 20 mg); sodium – 15 mg; maltodextrin (molasses); vegetable fats; trehalose.

Main nutritional components (content in one scoop – 7 grams): energy value – 27 kcal, proteins – 5.3 g, fats – 0.08 g, carbohydrates – 1.3 g.


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