Papa Zelly Plus Vitamin Complex

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SKU: ZM820467
Brand: OHKI
Category: Vitamins
Weight with packaging: 200 g
Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 10 cm

Papa Zelly Plus Children’s Vitamin Complex is a sweet jelly vitamin supplement of strawberry flavor with a specially balanced composition containing vitamins A, D3, E and calcium. This vitamin complex is recommended for children from 1 year old to 15 years old to ensure the full physical, mental and intellectual development of the child. The complex activates the body’s defenses and supports the nervous system. Tablets in the form of marmalade is very popular with children. Perfectly balanced composition is recommended for children in the recovery period after illness, after taking antibiotics, dysbacteriosis, with unbalanced, irregular or monotonous diet (lack of vitamins in the food), with poor appetite, deviation in the normal development (weak body constitution).

How to use: children from 1 year to 14 years (inclusive) – 1 jelly a day, from 15 years and adults – 2 jellies a day.

Ingredients (daily dose – 2 pcs): vitamin A in oil – 4 mg, vitamin D3 – 0.01 mg, vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) – 20 mg, calcium phosphate hydrate 430 mg (as calcium) 100mg, syrup, sugar, agar, agar, pectin, flavoring.

Do not take – under 1 year of age.


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