Lion NONIO Spicy Mint Toothpaste


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SKU: ZM445379
Brand: LION
Category: Toothpastes
Weight with packaging: 150 g
Dimensions: 4 × 6 × 20 cm
Weight of goods

Lion NONIO Spicy Mint Toothpaste is designed for triple odor protection. It thoroughly removes plaque from the surface of the teeth. Inhibits the growth of bacteria and protects the oral cavity from disease. Contains long-lasting refreshing ingredients. Toothpaste comprehensively cares for the oral cavity. Prevents the appearance and development of caries. Effectively whitens teeth. The paste works on the principle of ionic cleaning through the use of sodium polyphosphate. It destroys and removes the smallest impurities even from the micropores of enamel. The enamel is no longer dull and the original whiteness of the teeth returns. Paste with the flavor of spices, spices and peppermint. Gives an inexpressible feeling of freshness that lasts for a long time.

Ingredients: sorbitol, PG, silicic acid anhydride A, silicic acid anhydride, sodium polyacrylate, sodium lauryl sulfate, solidified castor oil POE, coconut oil fatty acid amidpropyl betaine, xanthan gum, sodium polyphosphate, sodium bicarbonate, fragrance (Spicy Mint type), sodium saccharinate, titanium oxide, menthol, sodium fluoride (fluoride 1000 ppm), sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (LSS), sodium hydroxide, paraben, rosemary extract.


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