Clinica NEXT STAGE advantage toothpaste


Comprehensive oral care.

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SKU: ZM485975
Brand: LION
Category: Toothpastes
Weight with packaging: 150 g
Dimensions: 4 × 5 × 17 cm
Weight of goods

Clinica NEXT STAGE advantage toothpaste in the form of a gentle gel prevents tooth sensitivity. It is a preventive agent of root caries. The toothpaste is designed for timely prevention of dental diseases. It perfectly dissolves plaque, restores the microflora of the oral cavity and prevents the reappearance of plaque. The gel instantly spreads over the entire surface of the tooth to the roots. Contains fluoride. Inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath. Reduces tooth sensitivity due to its potassium nitrite content. Whitens teeth by removing dental plaque with TDS (sodium tetradecenesulfonate). Cleanses the oral cavity and freshens breath. The low-foaming gel gently polishes the surface without traumatizing it.

With a delicate mint taste and floral aroma.


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