Kanebo DEW Superior EX Essence Finalizer Strengthening Essence Kanebo DEW Superior EX Essence Finalizer

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SKU: ZM943300
Brand: Kanebo
Category: Serums
Weight with packaging: 150 g
Dimensions: 4 × 4 × 10 cm
Scope40 ml
Product series

Kanebo DEW Superior EX Essence Finalizer effectively strengthens the skin, improves its elasticity and firmness.

Essence for active moisturizing of dry, tired skin. The essence smooths the texture of the epidermis, copes with dullness and flakiness, replenishes moisture deficit in the dermis. It also gently cleanses the skin and prevents the formation of inflammation. Extracts of royal jelly, seaweed and horsetail in combination with hyaluronic acid and collagen trigger skin regeneration processes at the cellular level.

The essence will make your skin incredibly smooth, soft and gentle.

How to use: Apply a small amount of the product on cleansed skin.


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