Saborino Morning Mask Pink Face Mask

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Express care for mature skin.

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SKU: ZM713499-1-1
Brand: BCL
Category: Masks
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Saborino Loft Mask Express Tissue Face Mask is specially designed for morning care. It wakes up the skin every morning in 1 minute with a cool freshness and toning effect. The mask combines a cleanser, toner and moisturizing makeup base in one mask. Recommended for mature skin. The mask cleanses and exfoliates the skin thanks to the content of fruit acids. Grapes, mint, hydrolyzed collagen and vitamin E shrink pores and relieve morning puffiness. Pomegranate peel, blueberries, raspberries, peach, honey and hyaluronic acid moisturize and improve skin elasticity. All this is provided by the natural components of the product.

How to use: Open the lid and take out 1 mask from the package. Unfold and apply the mask to the face, gently smooth to release air from under the mask for a tight fit. Remove the mask after 1 minute, roll it up and wipe your face.


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