BCL Medicated Soap Aspe AHA Facial Soap

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Antibacterial facial soap for acne with AHA acids.

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SKU: ZM587301
Brand: BCL
Category: For acne
Weight with packaging: 110 g
Dimensions: 4 × 8 × 9 cm
Weight of goods

BCL Medicated Soap Aspe AHA face soap with antibacterial action will get rid of acne and prevent the appearance of new ones. AHA-acids (lactic, malic, citric) exfoliate the keratinized layer of skin. Soap sanitizes the skin and reduces its oiliness. The thick lather penetrates deep into the pores and cleanses them, preventing inflammation. The soap will help keep your skin healthy and moisturized. The soap contains isopropyl methylphenol, dicalylglycyrrhizinate, lactic acid, citric acid, DL-apple acid, sea salt, betaine, coconut oil, taurine, green tea extract, soybean oil and cork tree bark extract, which comprehensively care for your skin and keep it healthy. After regular use of the soap, your face will glow clean and healthy.


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