Acne Lotion BCL Liquid Cleansing Aspe AHA +

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Acne cleansing lotion with AHA acids.

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SKU: ZM225415
Brand: BCL
Category: For acne
Weight with packaging: 180 g
Dimensions: 5 × 5 × 15 cm
Scope145 ml

BCL Liquid Cleansing Aspe AHA + Acne Lotion contains AHA acids that remove the top keratinized layers of skin. The lotion prevents clogging and inflammation of pores. Effectively removes makeup and clears clogged pores. The lotion is able to soothe inflammation and suppress sebum. It helps to fight wrinkles, freckles and laxity. The lotion contains isopropyl methylphenol, dicalylglycyrrhizinate, citric acid, DL-apple acid, shea butter, cork tree bark extract and soybean oil. The components of the lotion moisturize and soften the skin. Your face will feel clean and healthy.

How to use: apply a coin-sized amount of the product on a cotton pad, wipe the pad on your face with massaging movements from bottom to top.


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