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Moisturizing rejuvenating night cream.

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SKU: ZM930923
Brand: Astalift
Category: Creams
Weight with packaging: 100 g
Dimensions: 6 × 6 × 6 cm
Weight of goods

Astalift Night Cream is a moisturizing, rejuvenating night cream specially formulated to nourish and revitalize the skin at night, enriched with Artemia extract. The cream has a rich texture and is quickly and easily absorbed without leaving any sticky residue. It helps natural cell renewal, maximally moisturizes, soothes sensitive skin, fights early signs of fading, helps accelerate skin regeneration. In the morning the skin looks more youthful, fresh and rested.

In the composition of the cream: astaxanthin from algae and tomato lycopene – improve complexion and activate metabolic processes, collagen of three types increases elasticity and moisturizes the skin, artemia extract strengthens its own protective properties of cells, Roman chamomile extract relieves all manifestations of sensitivity – tightness, flaking, irritation and redness, trehalose gives smoothness to the skin and preservation of the natural hydrolipidic barrier.

The cream has a fragrance of damask rose and chamomile.

Fujifilm brand was one of the first in Japan to introduce astaxanthin in cosmetics, based on the technology of image preservation on photographic paper, its source is seaweed Haematococcus Pluvialis. The manufacturer claims that this component is 1000 times more effective than coenzyme Q10 and 500 times more effective than vitamin E! As you know, photos fade over time – there is a process of oxidation. Astaxanthin is used in photography to prolong the life of photos, and now it is available in cosmetics that neutralize free radicals.

Astaxanthin, the most powerful antioxidant of the new generation, prevents all signs of aging, micronized nanocollagen restores elasticity and deeply nourishes.


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