Excellula Whitening Cream EX Facial Cream

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Nourishing cream for ageing skin.

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SKU: ZM062100
Brand: Sato
Category: Anti-Pigmentation
Weight with packaging: 100 g
Dimensions: 6 × 6 × 6 cm
Weight of goods

Excellula Power Cream EX based on shea and jojoba oils deeply nourishes, softens the skin and strengthens its barrier function. Macroptilium liana extract with regenerating effect, two types of hyaluronic acid, evening primrose oil, ginseng and bee royal jelly extracts, vitamin B6, retinol, rejuvenating oligopeptide 56 to tighten and strengthen fading skin. A large number of herbal ingredients will provide the skin with the necessary nourishment. They contain antioxidants to smooth wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones. The skin will become more elastic after the first application of the cream. Contains no alcohol, fragrance, preservatives or colorants. Under the lid there is a spatula for applying the cream.

How to use: apply morning and evening on cleansed skin after using lotion, for one application you need an amount the size of a pearl.

Ingredients: whitening component: AA2G (ascorbyl-2-glucoside). Anti-inflammatory component: dicalia glycyrrhizate. Moisturizing ingredients: seaweed extract, persicaria extract, daisy flower extract, ziziphys extract. Highly concentrated moisturizing complex: geranium extract, ginseng extract, bee royal jelly extract.


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