Astalift White Cream

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Whitening cream for beautiful and healthy facial skin.

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SKU: ZM165368
Brand: Astalift
Category: Anti-Pigmentation
Weight with packaging: 150 g
Dimensions: 6 × 6 × 6 cm
Weight of goods

Thanks to its light texture, the cream gently envelops the skin and whitens it with active ingredients. The high permeability of Nano AMA nanoparticles guarantees moisturizing and getting rid of grayness of the skin.
The cream penetrates into every corner and actively whitens the skin. It can be used daily and at any time of the year. With each application, you will feel the most pleasant sensations thanks to the fragrance of exquisite Damask rose.
The cream combines three components: Asiaticoside, Mades Caso acid and Asia acid, derived from Centella asiatica, which is an herbaceous plant from the Seriaceae family. In order for the ingredients to penetrate the skin effectively and really work, they have been reduced to nano-size thanks to original technology from Fujifilm.

By blending astaxanthin and lycopene, it has been found that lycopene increases the effectiveness of astaxanthin by 3 times. As a result, the products contain the power of dual components to increase antioxidant power.
Ceramide, present in human skin, plays an important role in protecting against moisture evaporation from the skin. When there is a lack of ceramide, the skin begins to dry out. The products from Fujifilm utilize the same ceramide structure as in the skin. In addition, thanks to the nanoparticles, the penetration into the skin is more effective. Every skin cell will be filled with moisture. If your facial features have lost their shape, they will be restored and smooth after 1-2 applications.

How to use: take the necessary amount of cream in the palm of your hand. With fingertips massage movements spread all over the face, paying special attention to problem areas.


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