StayFree DX Peeling Toes


Peeling toes based on lactic acid, essential oils and herbal extracts.

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SKU: ZM281643
Brand: StayFree
Category: Peeling socks
Weight with packaging: 60 g
Dimensions: 2 × 10 × 15 cm

StayFree DX exfoliating socks completely remove rough skin cells. After a week of use, rough skin will peel off, and after two weeks it will be soft and tender. The product in the socks absorbs deeply into the rough skin layers and gently removes it. A complex of lactic acid and herbal extracts exfoliates and renews the skin of the foot, gradually softening even the roughest areas. Aloe vera leaf extract actively moisturizes the skin of the feet. Old corns and calluses will simply disappear. At the same time, the essential oils effectively soften the skin of the foot. They have a refreshing effect.

How to use: Cut the mask socks with scissors as shown in the picture. Place clean feet inside the sock. Observe the orientation of the toe and heel in the sock. Secure the sock to the foot with adhesive tape. Allow to expose for 60-90 minutes. Once the exposure is complete, thoroughly rinse off the residue of the product from the skin of your feet. After 5-7 days, the old skin will start to come off. After 2 weeks, the keratinized skin will come off completely.

Composition: Water, ethyl alcohol, lactic acid, PG, PEG-60-hydrogenated castor oil, BG, liquid rice starter, cranberry extract, sugar cane extract, sweet maple extract, orange extract, lemon extract, lecithin, soybean oil, oligopeptides, aloe vera leaf extract, burdock root extract, ivy leaf extract, mustard leaf and stem extract, wormwood leaf extract, soapberry leaf extract, rose oil, fragrance.


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