Foot Cream Dr Scholl Deep Moisturizing Cream

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Restorative cream for cracked skin on the heels.

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SKU: ZM907985
Brand: Dr Scholl
Category: Feet creams
Weight with packaging: 100 g
Dimensions: 4 × 6 × 12 cm
Weight of goods

Dr Scholl Deep Moisturizing Cream promotes active natural regeneration of rough, dry, cracked skin on the heels. It contains natural keratin, which significantly accelerates the healing of cracks. The first result is visible after three days of use. Moisturizing components of the cream give the skin elasticity. Lanolin creates a film that prevents fluid loss from tissues. Antibacterial components prevent infection of wounds. Cream promotes rapid active recovery of the skin. Reduces discomfort. The cream is easily and quickly absorbed. It does not contain fragrances and is hypoallergenic.

How to use: apply twice a day on clean, dry skin. After the recovery of the skin to use as needed to maintain its healthy condition.


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