Egg yolk and garlic Orihiro

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SKU: ZM988757
Category: For immunity
Weight with packaging: 40 g
Dimensions: 2 × 9 × 15 cm

Egg yolk and garlic Orihiro strengthens immunity and revitalizes the body. The product will reduce the risk of colds and viral diseases. Garlic is a powerful antioxidant. Neutralizes free radicals and prevents aging. Effective natural antibiotic. Fermented garlic is digested much better than regular garlic. Egg yolk is rich in lecithin and carotenoids. Improves the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Increases reaction speed and strengthens memory. Improves vision and strengthens the muscles of the eyeball, as well as reduces light sensitivity. The drug revitalizes the cardiovascular system and regulates blood pressure. Taking a supplement with garlic and egg yolk accelerates the healing process in infectious diseases. The preparation in the form of soft food capsules is easy and convenient to take.

Method of application: 3 tablets a day.

Ingredients: oil of fertilized egg yolk – 500 mg, odorless garlic – 100 mg.


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